Welcome to the Global Dental Schools Network (GDSN) with NYU.

The Global Dental Schools Network has been developed by Healthcare Learning Smile-on to bring together leading dental schools around the globe including the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. GDSN provides off-the-shelf and customised learning for dental professionals including access to award winning eLearning programmes, ePortfolios, and progress trackers.

The USA is the latest country to join this network and we have customised the learning available for its dental students. A number of eLearning programmes are available to you when you login to your learning plan. These modules are scenario-based eLearning programmes that are reward driven by self-assessment questions for better retention and learning experience. The programmes have been made with leading international experts and educational institutions.

As you progress through your studies there will be more modules available to you on your learning plan. As a member of the GDSN community you also have the option of connecting and sharing experiences with other students.

We welcome all dental students from NYU.